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SNIEC · Shanghai

新智造 New Manufacturing

新邊界 New Boundary

新動能 New Power

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About All in Print — The Oriental Window of World Printing Industry

China International Exhibition for All Printing Technology & Equipment (All in Print China) is one of the most influential exhibitions in China's printing industry. The exhibition, co-organized by the Printing Technology Association of China, China Academy of Printing Technology, and Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, has seen seven successful sessions since 2003. Over the past decade, All in Print China has been focusing on the frontier technologies of the world printing industry, not only creating an exhibition platform for the global printing enterprises to promote transaction between suppliers and buyers, but also providing prime opportunities for printing professionals to make international exchanges, and boosting the exchange and dissemination of new technologies, hence being named "the Oriental Window of World Printing Industry".

All in Print China is committed to providing new opportunities for innovation and momentum for sustained development of printing industry. China's printing industry is accelerating the pace of development featuring "green, digitalization, intelligence, and integration" on its way toward a printing powerhouse. All in Print China shoulders to lead development of China printing industry and promote its technical upgrading, with the purpose of building an integrated platform for exchange and promotion of the new technology, products and materials in the printing and packaging industry. All in Print China is well positioned to make greater contributions to development of the world's printing industry.

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Exhibitor List

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Floor Plan

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